SpiceJet: Fly on SpiceMax or SpiceSaver

Traveling can be exhaustive and confusing especially if you are planning last moment. Choosing the right airline within your budget can be difficult and even more so if you are travelling on a budget airline.

Alongside cheap tickets budget airlines often offer paid upgrades with a promise being able to enjoy cheap luxury travel. In doing so, many a passengers feel tricked or betrayed when they encounter a lack of value for money due to misrepresentation or poor quality service that fail to meet the expectations.

About SpiceSaver:

  1. Fly to your destination
  2. No on board meal
  3. Regular check-in
  4. Regular baggage delivery
  5. Regular boarding
  6. Seats with leg room enough only because you have two.

For Rs.1000+/- (USD 15 approx.) paid upgrade you can enjoy the more premium maximum flying experience of SpiceJet called SpiceMax.

About SpiceMax: What you get?

  1. Significantly extra leg room.
    Not really, unless you are fortunate enough to get the first row seats or the rows on the emergency exits of the plane. In case you find a sit on the emergency exits you have to meet the safety requirements of the airplane, i.e, you cannot be a senior citizen, sick or disabled in anyway. The rest of the SpiceMax sits were cramped just the same like the regular with a few extra inches on leg space in front. It’s not a business class experience and all chair are the same.

  1. Priority Check-in.
    If standing in-line gets you suffocated and getting to plane first is your priority even then this service will not do you any good. Budget airlines usually travel in short routes, use smaller planes and operate efficiently. Passengers usually don’t carry much baggage and airline crews are fast and agile. The regular check-in is almost as fast as priority except that you get to do it standing on a red carpet.

  1. Priority Boarding
    Similar to the check-in experience you only get to enjoy this service if you get to the boarding gate first. Once economy/saver passengers have started boarding you will most surely be standing in queue.
  2. Priority Baggage Handling
    Your luggage will be loaded last and delivered first. But with most airports the main time lost is due to unloading from the plane and loading on to the belt. Although your bags will come with VIP Priority sticker which may make you feel special and honestly save you about 5-10 minutes of time at max.

  1. Complimentary On-board Meal
    The only thing delivered as promised. But with less money and more options you can select a meal from the flight menu and enjoy food on SpiceSaver/Economy plan without an upgrade.

In conclusion, if a few extra inches of leg space is not really needed do not for SpiceMax. And in most cases people do not which leaves the airlines to basically give away the SpiceMax seats to Saver/Economy passengers. If you are flying on SpiceJet next time try asking them to provide you a seat on the emergency exit. Chances are you will get the upgraded seats for free without having to pay extra money.

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