Always do Something

Do not Let Unemployment Get in Your Way. Do not be job, depression, unemployment, frustration, jobs

Today I am telling you about something that almost every single person in this world has experienced. Every person has had a time when he has nothing to do and have plenty of time. People at a sudden stage achieve their bachelor degree or master’s degree but they have no jobs for earning money. This is the most frustrating time in their life. They have their degree through the educational system and the educational system is not giving them jobs. People are studying in this system for achieving degree to get a job for living for more than 16 to 18 years. But when they achieve their degree through the system, the system is not giving them jobs.

Of course it is frustrating moment of their life because they are trying real hard for achieving the degree and get a job to live for so many years. Every person has their own dream and goal but they are not really near to their dream and goal. When they find this, they get upset and upsetting mind leads to frustration. Every person will get frustrated in this situation.

But please, do not get frustrated. This is not your fault. This is the fault of the system. The system is not perfect. There is always hope and never lose hope. Maybe at this moment you are not near to your dream but one day you will reach your dream. Just keep on trying to reach your dream. Do not think that most of your friends or people you know get jobs or their own business except you. They will tell you that “Hey man, I got a job and my salary is good. Now I am living in my dream, what about you? ”. You shouldn’t let this type of conversation into your head. They give rise to negative thoughts inside your mind. Do Not Be Negative. BE POSTIVE! You will shine through.

There are so many people just like you in this world. You are not alone. Try your best to achieve your dream and never lose hope. You are a human. Human has some purposes in this world. They are born and raised to fulfill their purposes. You are one of them. One day you will reach your dream. Almost every famous person has had their obstacles and they overcame with through perspiration.

Say, your obstacle is your frustration. So if you want to get famous, you have to overcome your obstacle. Do something to get you busy. Busyness will overcome your frustration.

Make yourself busy by playing games, working out in gym,  go for a tour, reading books or by studying something which is helpful to reach your dream. Always make yourself busy by doing something which is good for your dream or for society or for you. Get more friends or join some good community which is helpful for reaching your dream. Never give up your hope. Always do something in this free time.

You will reach your dream one day and that will be your achievement. So never lose hope and make yourself busy by doing some good thing.


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