The Conspiracy behind Cryptocurrency?

For the last few months Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations become famous. This crypto currency is also known as digital currency. There are so many digital currencies on internet. The famous currencies are Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Auroracoin, Peercoin , Dogecoin , Nxt , Mastercoin, Namecoin , Counterparty and so many. By solving algorithm through our graphic card or other devices we can achieve those coins. Now the question is why we are solving this algorithm? We are human. We do work or solve something for some purpose. Solving algorithm through devices gives us money, this is bull shit. Earning money is not that easy. Solving algorithm gives us coin and coin gives us currency. Central bank of a country is accepting these coins and gives them their country’s currency.   Central bank of a country is not that fool. They are trying to do something big through this coin’s algorithm. We are known that many apps on Facebook or Android operating system hack our personal information. Now a day’s facebook can identify our image. Google is teaching its robot to detect cat. They are trying it to make it success for so many years. In my opinion solving algorithm is a big project for some companies or for some government or for some person. It may be for good or for evil purpose that we never know. They may hack your computer and get your information without your knowledge or they may try to build a super intelligent robot which may not be good for human civilization. They may spy on us which we do not want. They are so desperate to solve algorithm that they made a powerful flash device with a huge hashrate. In my opinion they are upto something. I can get digital currency by internetbanking and it is so easy. Why should I solve algorithm for coins to get digital currency. If it goes on then what will the bank do? Then one day the bank has to shutdown. One country cannot shutdown their banks. Say they have shutdown their bank. We got our currency against our coin. In usa 1 usd = 1 usd. In Europe 1 euro = 1 euro. But 1 usd = 0.72 euro. So one can buy a bread with 1 usd and other one is buying it with 0.72 euro. Second person is buying it with 0.28 usd less. This is not same. So someone is becoming rich but other someone is becoming much rich.  This makes no sense. So no country will allow this system. So may be Crypto-Currency has no long future. So maybe they are just solving algorithm for some purpose which they are not capable to solve alone themselves in a short time. So they are just taking our help through our devices. Illegal business transaction becomes easy through these coins. My main thinking is ‘Why solving algorithm? ’ solving algorithm gives code. This code may be used for virus or for some program which is a threat to us.


by MH(Conspiracy Theorist)

What are your thoughts on Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins, Litecoins, Altcoins, etc… ? Let us know. Do you believe in it or not?

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