Thoughts about life: What is life?

Life never gives you everything at once. Like when I had you, I knew what I had but I didn't realize your value. When I lost you I realized your value but can't have you. This world will always leave you with shortcomings. It is filling up these shortcoming with will and righteousness is what … Continue reading Thoughts about life: What is life?

Always do Something

Do not Let Unemployment Get in Your Way. Do not be Depressed. Today I am telling you about something that almost every single person in this world has experienced. Every person has had a time when he has nothing to do and have plenty of time. People at a sudden stage achieve their bachelor degree … Continue reading Always do Something

The Conspiracy behind Cryptocurrency?

bitcoin, litecoin, crytocurrency, mining, conspiracy theory

For the last few months Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations become famous. This crypto currency is also known as digital currency. There are so many digital currencies on internet. The famous currencies are Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Auroracoin, Peercoin , Dogecoin , Nxt , Mastercoin, Namecoin , Counterparty and so many. By solving algorithm through our graphic card or other … Continue reading The Conspiracy behind Cryptocurrency?